About PallayPack

PallayPack is a specialized packaging and production machinery manufacturer. We integrate our equipment into complete lines as required by the end user. We are also the North American office of select well established European OEMs which manufacture complementary equipment. Our machines are most often used for aseptic products, diagnostic products, probiotics, eye drops, essential oils, e-cigarette and vape cartridges, vitamins and/or pills, tablets, capsules, gummies etc. We can even manage unstable containers and microtubes.

All of our equipment is pharma grade, stainless steel, easy to clean, easy to maintain. Our equipment is high end, typically customized according to the project, particular attention is paid to the finish, smooth corners, eliminate screws, simplify HMI screens, etc. Each machine is ready for remote connection and support.


Tablet counting at 60 bottles per minute

Who we are?

We have  focused on customer service since the very beginning (2001). It is built into all of our products, from concept, design, fabrication and programming. Everything is focused on machinery which is easier to integrate, operate, change over and service.

What we do?

We specialize in liquid filling and tablet counting machinery.  In addition to manufacturing, we offer equipment from the following manufacturers: Rota, PharmaPackagingSystems PPS, Tofflon and OMAG.

Our services

We have designed and manufactured machines for other OEMs. Come talk to us about projects that you cannot find a suitable solution for.  We can build you a customized solution or optimize existing equipment following cGMP guidelines.

We have many satisfied customers who would be happy to speak to you about their experience and give you references.

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How can we help ?

Need help with your existing equipment or new lines you are considering adding?
PallayPack offers local dealers throughout the United States and Canada who are ready to assist you.