R911 Ampoule Filler

Operating at speeds up to 50 apm, the concept of the machine is a Monoblock construction featuring an indexing starwheel, which indexes one container at a time to the filling, sealing, and stoppering stations.

Ampoules are the perfect container to store parenteral liquids. It is obvious that filling and closing of ampoules has to happen under perfectly sterile conditions. In order to achieve this high standard in production environment, the best and most reliable equipment is necessary.

ROTA is a leading manufacturer of ampoule filling and closing machines. Our machine portfolio covers small scale production of valuable products as well as large scale production with linear transportation based machines. A comprehensive list of optional features and accessories allows the machine to meet the individual requirements of each customer and application. To complete our program, dual function machines, where not only ampoules but also vials can be filled and closed, provide great flexibility in meeting production needs.


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