R921 Ampoule Filler

Operating at speeds up to 100 ampoules. The filler offered is the Rota R921/MA ampoule processing filling and sealing machine. The basic machine includes one set of change parts. The concept of the machine is a Monoblock construction featuring a 50 cycle per minute indexing starwheel, which indexes two ampoules at a time.

Rota equipment is of the latest design incorporating all of the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry (FDA, cGMP, CE, etc.). Rota machines feature mechanical movements that are precise and ultra reliable. Rota machines are ideal for applications requiring quick changeover. Changeover parts fit in place without the need for tools and they require no further adjustment once in place.

Product is metered (filled) into the individual ampoules with ROTA stainless steel precision rotary pumps. These pumps feature a seal-less design, which eliminates any chance of particulate being introduced into the product. The rotary piston is precision ground and also serves as the valve, controlling product flow from the inlet to the filling chamber in the pump cylinder and back out to the filling needle. In fact the piston and cylinder are the only moving parts to each pump.

Precision needles that do not touch the inside of the containers are designed to offer gentle filling by dispensing the liquid against the sides of the ampoules or vials. This combined with the diving nozzle action of the Rota filler eliminates foaming and splashing even at full speed. The disposable silicone pharma tubing, with push-on fittings, etc. simplifies operation further.


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