Automatic Monohead ROPP Capper

The PallayPack Monohead capper is manufactured on a solid welded base, epoxy coated to resist corrosion and completely clad in stainless steel. Any chance of product entering the base of the machine has been completely eliminated. A drip edge is included to catch any liquid in case of spill. The entire unit is fully guarded with interlocked doors. It operated at speeds of up to 2,800 bottles per hour.

A 950 mm high conveyor section is included which can be integrated with any existing conveyor, or it can be equipped with a variable speed drive and idler assembly.

Starwheels and back plates are self-locating and are interchanged without tools, they are marked and color coded. These starwheel are ideal for handling a variety of container sizes and they serve to eliminate any side gripper belts that would need to be continuously adjusted as with inline cappers.

Container presence within the starwheel is monitored, the ROPP head has a special feature for “no cap – no crimp” to prevent damage to the container neck. Correct cap placement including a reject system for containers missing a cap is also available as an option.

Caps are sealed with a four roller, 304 S.S. ROPP capping head, two rollers are used to form the threads, while two rollers are used to make the seal. The capping head height is set manually with an easy adjustment wheel.

Machine sensors include: no bottle / machine stop, bottle blockage on exit / machine stop,  and low caps in chute / machine stop. The controls include a touch panel HMI.


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