PallayPack Bottle Feeder

Fully automatic bottle feeders are available to sort small, stable or unstable bottles, and feed them directly onto a conveyor, into pucks or directly into the starwheel of other equipment, most commonly a monoblock. This system is quiet, fast, and most often required no compressed air. All change parts are dedicated, once in place no further adjustment is required. The sorting relies on the shape and center of gravity of the bottle, without the need for sensors to detect or actuators to push or deflect the bottle. Sorting is simple, and reliable. Patent pending.

Operators place bottles in the twin bulk feeders. The “live bottom” is a belt which moves all bottles allowing the required quantity to drop off the front without damage or marking of even the most sensitive containers. The bulk storage capacity is 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the containers and the speed of the line. The feeding is controlled by level sensors and is automatic.

Bottles drop into twin rotary sorting discs where the containers are aligned end to end, and transferred to a linear conveyor which transports the bottles to the sort section. Dedicated sort blocks, drop the bottles one after another through a sort plate. The bottles always drop bottom first. The insertion block, also dedicated will drop the containers into a starwheel or pucks. In the case of pucks, indexing fingers are used to index pucks through the bottle feeder.

The entire feeder can be installed under the laminar flow hood and all parts that contact the container neck can be supplied manufactured from special materials which can be autoclaved. Guarding including RAB (restricted access barrier) can enclose the entire machine including bottle feed.


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