Vials and Ampoules

Supplying millions of ampoules and vials to customers across Canada and the US, PallayPack offers a complete range of glass vials, colored glass bottles, ampoules, serum vials, perfume vials, threaded vials along with stoppers and caps in North American or European DIN standard size. Or custom vials produced exactly as per your drawing. We specialize in blue glass, green glass and colored glass bottles.

Bottles, vials and ampoules can be printed with your logo, product information, batch number or lot number, clearly. Always 100% camera inspected to insure quality including all dimensions and print if applicable. Pallaypack offers a money back return policy if our glassware does not meet your needs.

PallayPack supplies quantities of as much or as little (no requirement is too small) as needed, packed as needed, in boxes or on trays with the option to be packed in a certified clean room.

Speak to our knowledgeble staff for a no obligation sales consultation. To see our range of bottles:

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