VitaCount 60

The PPS VitaCount is the ideal solution combining quality construction and state of art accurate counting in an affordable package which you can trust and depend on for years. Built in the U.K. alongside the world’s best counters, the VitaCount has been optimized for applications where large counts and large products make up the vast majority of the production.

A VitaCount 40 can operate at speeds up to 40 bottles per minute, and the VitaCount 60 up to 60 bottles per minute, on small products and small counts. Where the VitaCount excels is 30, and 45 bottles per minute respectively on medium softgels, including translucent softgels, and 28 and 38 bottles per minute respectively on size 0 capsules….accurately!

The VitaCount is a counter you can count on (excuse the pun!)! All stainless steel construction*, polished 316 s.s trays and 316 s.s hopper, F.D.A. approved count blocks and chute…and the same high speed count eyes and touch screen control (included at no extra cost for a limited time) as has been proven on our “Pharma” line of counters for several years now.

We didn’t leave out any of the important features. Like the three electronically tuned vibrator feeders which are required to get good product separation on large 00 and 0 size capsules and soft gels, completely enclosed design helps control dusting and simplify cleaning, dust extraction system to catch chips and dust, high speed pre-count gates, and Festo (not some unknown brand) pneumatics – available locally from your Festo dealer.

The counters are easily dismantled for cleaning between products/batches. No tools are required, and you may like to consider a spare set which can be cleaned while the counter is operating and then swapped. While the changeover time of the standard counter is already fast, and extra set of change parts will really reduce your change over time and have your counter up and running in minutes.

The best part is that the VitaCount has been priced extremely competitively, in fact we are sure you will be quite surprised at just how affordable the VitaCount 40 and 60 are.

Notes: Tablets are fed to the count-head by linear vibratory product feed tracks (8 or 12 which is what differentiates the VitaCount 40 and the VitaCount 60).

All settings for each SKU is saved in memory for instant recall.

Machine access is password protected.

The controls are windows based, files are accessible via the USB on the operator terminal. While the electronics are proprietary, they are of the latest design, low voltage and ultra reliable. Spare parts are rarely required, but when they are required, they are shipped from stock via Federal Express reducing any downtime to an absolute minimum.

The machine discharge funnel is height adjustable to allow differing heights of bottles to be filled. The funnel will cover a range of bottle neck sizes and is the only change part on the system.

The system offers maximum versatility as the product feed system requires no change parts and is capable of packaging most tablet and capsule shapes and sizes.

The VitaCount conforms to latest cGMP requirements and is easy to validate. IQ/OQ documentation and 21 CFR part 11 compliance packages are both additional cost options which are available if required.

The output speed of any counter depends on the product size, and shape, the count per bottle, and the neck opening of the bottles. The only way to know the actual speed on any counter is to test your product on our counter, or to compare your products to the results we have achieved when handling similar products. Send us your products, or a photo, or just describe them, and we’ll let you know the speeds you can expect to achieve, accurately!

*Further details are available on request.


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