OMAG CG Packaging horizontal sachet

Intermittent-motion Carousel Packaging Machine

The CG 01 packaging machine uses plain or printed prefabricated paper bags and is designed to handle biodegradable materials, with side folds or flat but can also use pre-formed Doypack and stand-up versions.

The machine can also work with bags in heat-sealable materials like paper/polythene, paper/aluminium and PET/aluminium laminates.

Bags are collected individually from a horizontal store, and are then opened and filled.

After filling they are stretched, glued, closed and date-stamped.

The CG 01 features:

  • filling units
  • Exceptional variety of formats with quick and easy format changes
  • heat-sealing units available for production with heat-sealable materials
  • pre-fitted for combination with reel pack-former machines for double bag production
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