Loading and Unloading Systems

The Tofflon range of Loading and Unloading Systems is designed to reduced the risk of contamination while increasing freeze drying process efficiency. An automated system allows for a decrease in time required to load and unload the lyophilisation system while reducing the number of operators needed.

Tofflon Loading and Unloading Systems reduce the risk of contamination and provide a smooth transition into and out of the freeze dryer. Suitable for a wide range of vials or materials in bulk, the Loading and Unloading System offers seamless integration with a Tofflon lyophilizer.

Tofflon offers a variety of Loading and Unloading systems such as the AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) which is also retrofitable: It can be added to an existing freeze dryer when increases in efficiency are required. Vials remain covered by laminar air flow during the loading process and there are no moving parts above the open vials due to the sanitary design.


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