Pharmaceutical / Biotech Systems

Pharmaceutical and Biotech freeze drying processes require a high degree of product protection and contamination prevention. The Tofflon Pharmaceutical lyophilizer can be customized for the applications—select from CIP, SIP, external CIP system, metered dosing & low temperature options—meeting the strictest regulatory standards with superior quality control at an economical price. Tofflon freeze dryers are so affordable that an AGV loading and unloading system can be added while still staying within budget.

Tofflon freeze dryers are designed with redundant critical components in separate circuits adding to their reliability. With over 2,200 freeze dryers in operation worldwide, Tofflon freeze dryers have developed a reputation for being affordable and flexible.

Tofflon is well renowned in the market for its lyophilization support. They have built a state-of-the-art lyophilization lab and introduced world-class scientific instruments like freeze drying microscope to help you in detecting product thermal property, optimizing lyophilization cycle, analyzing and solving product defects. When working with Tofflon you will benefit from our know-how and support in lyophilization process which ultimately helps to save you money and control your risks.

Technology and Qualifications:

  • cGMP guidelines and FDA compliance
  • Pressure vessel compliance: GB 150-1998/PED/ASME Code
  • CE / GAMP 4 / 21 CFR Part 11 Guidelines
  • World-class, reliable and high quality components
  • Eutectic Test Device / Vial Sampling Thief / Slot Door / Screw Compressor / LN Refrigeration System/ Dry Pump
  • CIP / SIP / WIT/ CIP External System / Metered Dosing System

Strengths and Advantages:

  • Whole-life dedication to lyophilization technology.
  • Experience…over 1,200 freeze dryers manufactured since 1993.
  • The largest and most modern freeze dryer manufacturing facility in the world.
  • Reliable, flexible and affordable technology.
  • Quicker response, faster delivery and longer service guarantee.
  • Locally-based sales and service.
  • Cost effective manufacturing and documentation.


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