High speed tablet counter SuperCount 24-4
High speed tablet counter SuperCount 24-4 side viiew

High Speed Tablet Counter – SuperCount 24-4

The PPS 24-4 SuperCount is a high speed tablet counter offering the latest evolution in electronic tablet counting, combining proven technology with the latest in electronic control systems including ‘onboard’ microprocessor for highest level of reliability. PPS counters utilize the latest product counting sensors which scan utilizing a 34-path directional scan pattern at an impressive 34,000 scans per second. This rate is possible due to the microprocessors incorporated on each sensor and results in a finer resolution of product passing through each count eye.

Finer resolution means more accurate identification of chips, doubles and translucent gels with less chance of miscounts even with higher feed rates. The sensing eyes are also now mounted much closer to the product feed tray exit, capturing the image of the products while they are still in a uniform orientation

As the product feed system requires no change parts, maximum versatility can be achieved. This high speed tablet counter is capable of packaging most tablet, hard and soft gelatine capsule sizes, including sizes to 1.125” in diameter due to the enlarged product feed chutes (samples are always required for testing) and the system.

PallayPack’s PPS high speed tablet counter is available in various configurations allowing the counting output to be maximized. Our 24-track counter is actually a quad 6 track. This is the same as having four 6-track counters respectively. The advantage of this design is that each set of 6 tracks can fill an individual bottle, resulting in significantly faster output speeds, especially when running smaller counts.

Several options of container indexing including single-track conveyor with adjustable gating fingers, single track with screw feed system (faster), dual lane conveyors with adjustable gating or feed screws and a rotary container indexing system with build in “static” tare weight.
Additional features:

  • Controlled feeding of product through count eye produces more accurate results and greatly improves broken tablet and chip detection.
  • Product feed hopped mounted directly over the vibratory trays with adjustable hopper doors reduces contact parts and allows PPS to feed a precise quantity of product to product feed system when required.
  • Lighter vibrator trays (which are easy to remove) allows for better vibration which generates faster and smoother movement of tablets.
  • Unique design of pre-count gates can be removed for cleaning without removing the actuator or mount.
  • Tablet counter chutes feature telescoping design to suit containers of different heights
  • Entire front chute arrangement allows the operator high visibility allowing the parameters to be easily adjusted
  • Latest high speed “High Definition” infrared tablet count sensors scan faster and with a finer resolution that any other counter.
  • Simplified controls are user friendly and 500 recipes can be saved for instant recall.
  • Runs at speeds up to 80 BPM on a 100 count and 160 BPM on a 30 count
  • Optional vibratory funnels and product trap boxes for large products.
  • Optional PharmaLift bulk feeder


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