Precision Count Industrial Counter

The Precisioncount is a high speed, electronic counter to count industrial products such as soap pouches which has been developed in parallel to our pharmaceutical counters. The Precisioncount line features the same proven electronic count eyes as found on all of our counters. Thousands of these eyes are accurately counting a wide range of products every day.

The counter has a unique feeding system designed to separate hard to feed products, particularly large products which may stack and are hard to single file. Our special trays feature an area where only one product can pass at a time. Others fall off and are recirculated back to the hopper.

Once the products are single file, they are counted accurately. Gates hold back product once the required count is achieved until the containers into which the product is being filled is indexed. 12 count eyes on each of the two counters, each with 12 emitter and receivers scan at 34,000 times per second.

Constructed in stainless steel the main cabinet has a large access panel allowing easy access to the electrical panels and pneumatic controls.

The Precisioncount controls feature the latest electronic control system with a colour touch screen user interface. The control systems menu driven screens guide the operator through the setup of new products and allows rapid recall of previously saved settings. The standard system has 3 security levels with individual rights of access for operators, supervisors and engineers.

The system offers maximum versatility as product feed system requires minimal change parts and is capable of packaging most product forms.


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