PallayPack DuoBlock

The DuoBlock is a flexible design monoblock machine which features a variety of stations (filling, desiccant insertion, cottoning) which are combined with fully automatic pick and place capping eliminating cross threaded caps. The DuoBlock operates at speeds up to 90 containers per minute and combines several operations in one, speeding changeover from container to container. It is a unique cost effective solution for a wide range of industries.

A servo driven starwheel indexes containers from an infeed conveyor which is included. Depending on the supplementary stations, the containers are indexed under the various processing stations. Containers are filled, or desiccants and cotton is inserted at the first few stations. Caps are fed from a selection of feeders depending on the cap styles and shapes. Caps once sorted progress down a linear cap feed chute where they are held square to the container opening. The chucks pick up the caps from the transfer system, they spin, descend, and precisely tighten the caps with a precise application torque. Incorrectly filled or capped bottles are rejected ensuring only good product passed down the line.

The DuoBlock is available stand alone, or as part of a complete table packaging line.


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