PPS 18-3 Super GummyCount and GummyLift

OUR NEW 18-3 GummyCount , Twin GummyCount and GummyLifts are the perfect machines to count gummies. One GummyCount 18-3 counter can accurately count at speeds of 50 bottles per minute on a 50 count medium size gummy. The GummyLift is available in horizontal or inclined infeed to either use straight from a production conveyor or manual feed at operator level. Counting of Gummies vastly reduces product give away as compared to weighing systems and the SuperGummy Counters and feeders are easy to clean and offer fast change over.

The twin 18-3 GummyCount consists of 2 counters on the same production line with a double conveying system. You can then achieve 100 bottles per minute filling 6 bottles at a time (On a 50 count bottle of medium size gummy).

The design of the 18-3 GummyCount originated from the SC 180. This counter has been around for many years and has proven very effective and reliable. We modified and engineered it to be able to count gummies instead of tablets, pills and capsules. Moving and counting gummies require special equipment but we figured it out!