Rota Depyrogenation

Rota Depyrogenation tunnels are suitable for ampoules, tubes and moulded vials. Sterilizing by removing pyrogens prior to filling resulting in depyrogenated containers. Rota Depyrogenation tunnels provide precise temperature control ( +/- 1 Degree C) vital for Quality Assurance and Validation.

With an easy access to the sensors, the electrical installation as well as control instrumentation, the ROTA hot air sterilization tunnel design incorporates leading edge technology. The ROTA tunnel is based on an air re-circulation principle in all three zones. Only power and cooling water is required for its operation. A comprehensive list of optional features and accessories allows this hot air tunnel to be customized to meet the individual requirements.

Highlights at a glance:

  • cGMP compact construction
  • Optimized laminar air flow and temperature distribution in the different zones
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Automatic internal pressure regulation
  • Adjustable out feed temperature of the objects into the clean room
  • Ease of operation and settings through a colour touch screen HMI
  • Optimum access to all areas for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • No air inlet and out let piping required

Standard equipment:

  • PLC – Siemens S7
  • Colour touch screen HMI, with four level password security and cleaning cycle recipe management systems
  • Air flow and temperature measurement in infeed, hot and cooling zones
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Controlled and adjustable conveyor belt speed
  • Automatic internal pressure regulation
  • Automatic shutter height adjustment
  • Water cooling coils in the cooling zone
  • Recorder for critical process parameters
  • Stand by mode
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