Rotary Capper


Rotary chuck type cappers virtually eliminate missing caps and cross-threaded caps. Improve and maintain cap application torque throughout production without adjustments. PallayPack cappers are compact and require less change parts since one set can be used for a range of bottles and caps.

Changeover is fast and when finished requires no further adjustment to dial in the torque. Rotary cappers are recommended when production speed is over 60 bottles per minute and for longer production runs.

Rotary cappers are simple and will last for many years. A central turret rotating continually also carries the capping chucks. An infeed screw guides the containers to the infeed starwheel. A barrel cam moves the capping heads up and down and actuates the three capping fingers on each chuck closing them perfectly square to the bottle at the perfect time. Our Rotary Cappers are the ideal complement to our counting equipment and are an important part of turnkey lines or full lines when required.

Cappers and cap feeders are built with the same care and quality as our counters. The cappers are specifically built for pharmaceutical applications and feature an ultra-clean design. The chassis and all coverings are built from 304 stainless steel. Gaps and crevices are eliminated. The turret is sealed to avoid any contamination. All surfaces are smooth and easy to wipe down. The chassis and electrical enclosure are both sealed.

The cappers comply with OSHA, UL, and NEC standards, including fully interlocked safety guards.