OMAG C3 Packaging

Sachet filling and sealing machine

Benefit from over 40 years of experience when purchasing the OMAG C3 vertical continuous motion sachet filling and sealing machine. Ideal for the automatic packaging of 4 sided sachets of solid, powers, granular, liquid and pasty.

With a machine that delivers rock solid performance you will notice the details of superior design from first glance and benefit from a higher quality product. Speed and quality have the biggest impact on any production line and OMAG machines are 50% faster with higher accuracy. This means it takes two competitive machines to match the output of a single OMAG machine.

The C3 OMAG sachet filling and sealing machine:

1) Cost Effective
OMAG machines are 50% faster than the competition and offer quality precision. Your investment is quickly recuperated.

2) Superior design
Servo precision, heavy duty construction, compact, easy-to-clean and are tool-less where possible.

3) Extremely versatile
Up to 50 cycles per minute (100 sachets per minute when running 2 lanes) but can be designed from 1 up to 15 lanes. It also features adjustable sachet size capacity from 2 to 5+ inches (50-130mm) wide and 2-8.5 inches (50-220mm) long.

4) Features you will appreciate
Advanced reel alignment control, reel lifting systems, splice detection and reel splice table

The CS3 can be used with an auger dosing system, volumetric dosing system or liquid/pasty dosing system. Thanks to the extreme accessibility the CS allows you to install two dosing systems to be used alternately. The feeding systems is specially designed to offer a more accurate product feed resulting in a consistent fill level.

Easy access to the sealing and cutting groups for ease of cleaning.

Vertical machines are available in two styles: plate sealing and roller sealing. Choose plate for a cosmetic finish at slightly lower speeds or roller sealing to get the job done at higher speeds.

Also available in pharmaceutical version which incorporates the most stringent cGMP requirements such as easy accessibility for cleaning, stainless steel design and the absence of external cables.

OMAG offers a wide range of machines at a wide range of prices. All of these can be offered as complete automation of the process with a packaging line including collating, cartoning and inspection in a variety of configurations, whether inline or 90 degrees.