Rota HF916 Semi-Automatic Filling Machine

Low cost and versatile, this semi-automatic table top unit fills vials screw cap bottles all on the same machine. The maximum output depending on volume and viscosity of the product to be filled is 1000/h. The operator places an empty container just below the filling needle and presses it via knob into the object opening. A foot switch starts the filling procedure.

Featuring stainless steel construction, contact parts of 316 stainless steel and silicone hose, the Rota HF916 contact parts are easily removable for inspection and cleaning.

Dosing is effected by the filling pump which is made of stainless steel. Various size filling pumps are available for different volumes. The volume is centrally adjusted via ratio slide. Fine adjustment is then individually made at stroke limiting screw.

The quantity of strokes can be adjusted by a pre-selection counter. The counter is suitable when 100 or more vials/bottles are filled without operating the filling switch. The counter also serves for pre-selecting the stroke quantity for volumes larger than 100ml.


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