AbleBlock cropped - angled side view
AbleBlockAbleBlock overhead view vials in feeder

PallayPack AbleBlock

Ideal for short runs, the AbleBlock was developed to reduce the number of change parts required yet still have a quick changeover without too many adjustments. Most operators should be “Able” to change from product to product quickly making even a 100 bottle run worthwhile to set up and to run.

What is different about the AbleBlock is that it still has the required elements to produce a quality product, with as few as one operator. Included into one very compact frame (6 feet wide x 3.5 feet deep, 1.8m wide x 1m deep) is an infeed turntable, linear intermittent motion indexer, peristaltic pump with diving nozzle, plug feeder and placement station (option), cap feeder and placement station, automatic cap torquing with magnetic clutch (not pneumatic) and an out feed accumulating turntable.

The AbleBlock can be further extended to include a labelling station, can be equipped with a positive displacement piston pump, and can have a fully automatic cap feeder bowl (as standard a turntable feeds caps that have been hand placed right side up, once again because no feeder bowl change parts are required).

Suitable for a wide range of products and containers, the AbleBlock can operate at up to 25 containers per minute, or 1800 per hour. That’s the equivalent of 2.5 million bottles per year on a single shift. Even those using high speed filling solutions like the Rota (100 – 400 per minute), or the VersaBlock (40 per minute), would benefit from moving short runs to a dedicated filler. These small volume products do not need to be loss leaders anymore.

The AbleBlock is designed for applications requiring plugs or stoppers to be inserted, but the AbleBlock is equally proficient running fill and screw cap configurations, or fill and press on cap applications. Glass or plastic, plugs or stoppers, crimp caps or screw caps or press on… not only can the AbleBlock handle all types, but it can handle them all on the same machine, with a very fast changeover.

The AbleBlock comes with its own legs (or on castors), but these can easily be removed and the Able Block placed into a clean room or under a laminar flow hood. If you have a special application which we have not mentioned, we’d be pleased to adapt the AbleBlock for you. It’s so simple, it possible, with the exception of unstable containers, for that we recommend the VersaBlock.

Standard Features Include:

  • Stand alone design, can mounted on castors.
  • Fully guarded, interlocked for operator protection.
  • HMI touch screen control, 7” full color.
  • Speeds up to 25 per minute, depending on fill volume.
  • Stainless steel, anodized aluminum construction, GMP suitable for aseptic applications.
  • Peristaltic or seal-less ceramic filling (316 SS).
  • Pick and Place plugging and capping.
  • Separate torque control station.
  • Outfeed collection shelf with possibility of tray loading or connection to labeler conveyor.


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