Semi Automatic Screw Capper

This capper is an ideal solution for low volume requirements and with an optional and interchangeable head which can be used to seal ROPP (roll-on-pilfer-proof) caps.

This capper with automatic diving head is ideal for torquing screw caps, and all kinds of pre-threaded closures, metal or plastic. The bottle, with the cap placed manually on the neck, is placed on the bottle guide and support plate. The plate is adjustable for different size bottles. By pressing the two buttons at both sides of the base, the closing head descends and seals the cap in a few seconds.

The magnetic clutch of the torque head ensures that the correct application torque is applied each time. Torque is adjusted by increasing or decreasing the distance between the magnetic plates inside. A micrometer gauge ensures the chuck can be set to the same setting when changing to meet different torque requirements. The magnetic clutch can be adjusted between 0.5 and 4 Nm (4-35 in.lbs).

A pneumatic anti-spin system holds the container preventing it from spinning during the machine cycle, according to force required to perform the closure properly.

Closing heads are completely manufactured in s/steel and are suitable for one cap diameter. For each different diameter cap, an additional chuck is required and can be changed over quickly.


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