Pallaypack Shrink Bundler 7

Collating product and overwrapping it with shrink film is a simple operation with the PallayPack Bundle-7(Servo) which can save labour, save packaging material cost, and configure your products for bulk stores. Generating significant saving which often pays for the machine itself in less than 6 months, the bundler also opens new markets increasing sales.

The Bundler 7(S) can eliminate the need for corrugated cases as product is wrapped with using Polyethylene film (0.015”-0.025” thick depending on product size and weight). Finished packages are open on the sides for easy opening. Polyethylene film is strong, resists breaking open, and protects the product inside. This type of closure allows the use of thicker P.E. films that are lower cost than complete wrap films (polyolefin).

Automatic collation is included with the bundler. Product arriving at the bundler is organized into a wide range of configurations including 3,6 and 12 packs. This reduces the labour; instead of handling individual bottles, fewer packs must be handled per minute (a typical 60 bottle per minute line, will now give 5 packs of 12). The bundler layout can be configure inline or at right angles to existing equipment saving space.

The clarity of the latest generation Polyethylene films makes it an excellent choice for three packs displayed in bulk stores. The clear film enhances product appearance, is stronger, resists tearing, protects the product yet it is less expensive than polyolefin materials.

The standard bundler operates at speeds up to 12 bundles (72 bottles per minute when making 6 packs) per minute. A dual lane model which makes two bundles at a time is available to double the output. Further enhancements include a “servo” pusher which allow us to maximize output speeds particularly when forming 3 packs to 35 bundles per minute. Actual speeds will vary according to product stability.

Full stainless steel exterior welded construction provides a superior appearance, and will never chip and corrode yet is no more expensive than a painted bundler. The bundler has been designed to simplify operation and includes a full color touch screen control. Machine parameters are stored in memory for each product. The Teflon coated seal bar system provides long life, yet is easy to access and simple to maintain. Same for the tunnel heating elements. The tunnel is fully insulated and hot air within is recirculated to save on energy.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage: Three phase, 240V, 60Hz
  • Plastic Film: PE film
  • Film Thickness: 1.6 thou – 3.15 thou (0.04-0.08mm)
  • Shrinking Ratio: Lengthwise: 75-90%, Crosswise 10-25%
  • Conveyor Infeed Height: 34.5” +/- 1.2” (876+/-30mm)
  • Air Pressure Required: 80-90 p.s.i. (0.55-0.62 Mpa)
  • Air Consumption: 180L/min.
  • Package Minimum Size Nominal: 4” L x 3.15” W x 1.6” H (100mm L x 80mm W x 40mm H)
  • Sealing Temperature: Maximum 392°F (200°C) adjustable
  • Sealing Time: Normal 0.3~2 sec
  • Oven Temperature: Maximum 428°F (220°C) adjustable
  • Noise: <=75dB
  • Total Power Consumption:15KW
  • Dimensions: 116.14” long x 41” Wide x 73” +/-1.2” High (2950mm long, 1040mm width, 1850+/-30mm high)
  • Net Weight: 1543.24 lbs (700kg)


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