Six Head ROPP Capper

PallayPack cappers are built for us to last for years. Our supplier have been manufacturing liquid filling and capping machinery for over 40 years. Their customers include not only some of the best known chemical, food, beverage and cosmetic companies, but they also supply many of the best known machinery manufacturers on a subcontract basis as well.

The equipment is always the highest quality stainless steel construction. Internationally available commercial components such as Festo pneumatics and Omron sensors. All machines are manufactured in accordance with OSHA regulations, including fully interlocked safety guards.

The capper features a clean design, fast and easy change overs  and ensures that no product can enter the base of the machine where the mechanical and electrical panels are housed. A special lip surrounding the base of the machine traps any product in the unlikely event of spills and can be channeled away as required.

  • All parts that could be in contact with the product are in stainless steel  AISI 304
  • Cap sorter fitted on top of capping turret
  • Caps chute in stainless steel 304 with photocells
  • 6 ROPP heads equipped with a system  No Cap– No Roll  to protect the bottle neck in case a cap is missing.
  • Electric regulation of capper height
  • Electric regulation of inverter speed
  • Electrical micro switch stop the machine (to avoid bottle breakage).
  • Equipped with all the appropriate sensors to detect that bottle/caps are in place where they should be.
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