Six Bowls feeding six lanes per productCounter Control Screen

Supplement Pack Counter

The PPS Supplement Pack Feeder will feed multiple products into multiple lanes of a sachet machine, or transport system to produce a supplement pack at high speed. Standard configuration is a one, two, four, size and eight bowl feeder system, and then it is just a matter of adding one additional counter for each discrete product that needs to be fed. The largest system can feed up to 8 discrete products in 8 lanes.

For simple applications smaller counters are also available. A six bowl counter can feed up to six discrete products into a single lane packaging machine (one bowl per product), or can feed 3 discrete products into a two lane packaging machine (2 bowls per product).

Multiple counters are set up to dispense product into a horizontal bucket elevator. Each bucket is precisely controlled and the system keeps track of how many products are in each bucket. If one bucket is missing even a single product, the system will automatically recycle the bucket until it can pick up the missing product. This eliminates rejection of the partially filled buckets keeping rejected product to an absolute minimum.

Each feeder bowl also incorporates a precise electronic count eye, the same as used on our multilane counters. Control systems allow speed adjustment, count adjustment and all data is saved in memory.

Adjustable Feed gates on the Bulk Hoppers (not shown in these photos but similar idea) regulate the flow of product to ensure a consistent and steady flow of product to the feeder bowls and then through the electronic count eyes giving an uncompromising accuracy while maintaining optimum output.

Multiple Trap boxs allows product buffering to balance the flow from each of the feeders. Product is staged ready for discharge each time the sachet machine is ready.

Touch screen controls are user friendly with recipe management system allowing previously run products and product mix setups to be loaded from memory.

PPS Bucket Conveyors are now manufactured in accordance with cGMP guidelines (suitable for pharmaceutical and nutritional products. Buckets are designed to collect product from multiple counters and feed them to a single or multilane packaging machine.

Tool-less change parts allow for very quick change-over when product changes are required. Quantity of contacts parts are minimized according to the model chosen, but what is most important is that there are no dedicated change parts that must be changed for specific products. The counters can handle a wide tolerance in product size because the system does not rely on mechanically sorting the product.

Ideally suited for:

  • Feeding multiple products and combining them in a single package.
  • Equally suitable for nutritional or pharmaceutical products.
  • Also ideal for any small parts, medical device kits, toys, etc.