RSM02 & RSM05 Syringe Fillers

The ROTA filling and stoppering machine for pre-sterilized syringes (nested in tubs) has been developed based upon Rota’s proven track record and many years of experience in the design and manufacture of primary packaging machines for parenteral products, and in accordance with careful analysis of customer’s needs with regards to syringe filling.

The model RSM series machines incorporate state of art servomotor technology to guarantee gentle transport of the syringe nester, the precise placement of the nests onto the SCARA robot arm platform, and to ensure problem free bottom up filling and rubber plunger insertion and positioning in the filled syringe. Beside all relevant criteria to bring the machine in compliance with cGMP regulations, the design of the RSM series guarantees a perfect laminar air flow path over each machine working area, starting from the tub opening station, in the filling and plunger insertion areas area, and until the nest of filled and closed syringes is returned to its original tub
Highlights at a glance:

  • cGMP-Compliant construction
  • Compact foot print
  • Fully automated syringe nest transportation through the machine
  • Automated syringe nest pick and place arm
  • Automated SCARA system to index nest at filling – plunger insertion station
  • Ease of operation and settings through a colour touch screen HMI
  • Optimum access to all areas for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • High accuracy filling
  • Output up to: 2 filling pumps 81/minute or 5 filling pumps 192/minute
  • Quick change-over time
  • Casters for machine portability allow you to maximize space utilizatione


  • Product range: Syringes 1 – 20 ml ISO 11040-4
  • Dosing by means of sanitary seal-less rotary piston pumps made of 316 stainless steel or ceramic material.
  • Filling ranges: 0,2-2 ml / 1-5 ml / 2-10 ml / 6-30 ml
  • Hand placement of tubs into the machine
  • PLC Elau CoDeSys matched with Elau servo motors
  • 5.7” colour touch screen operator interface
  • Interlocking safety cabinet
  • Change parts set for one syringe and stopper size
  • Product contact parts are 316 stainless steel (and/or ceramic) with FDA approved silicone filling tube.
  • Integrated electrical cabinete


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