Supercount Tablet Counter SC180 (60 bottles per min)

The PPS SC180 is the latest evolution in electronic tablet counting including proven technologies for product feeding for a true 60 bottles per minute counter.










SC180 Features include:

  • Speed of more than 60 bottles per minute on a 100 count, 120 bottles per minute on a 30 count.
  • Contact parts designed to be easily removed without tools
  • High speed infrared sensors scanning up to 34,000 times per second for extreme accuracy counting of all tablets and capsules as well as soft and hard gel capsules.
  • Integrated chip and dust extraction
  • Different container indexing systems available
  • Product feed hopper mounted directly above the vibratory trays with adjustable hopper doors to ensure precise quantity of product to feed when required
  • Telescoping tablet counter chutes to suit different height containers
  • Simplified controls are user friendly and 500 recipes can be saved for instant recall.
  • Optional vibratory funnels and product trap boxes for large products.
  • Optional PharmaLift bulk feeder

The counter is designed to achieve optimum product control and speed.

PallayPack’s PPS counters are available in various configurations allowing the counting output to be maximized. Our 18-track counter is actually a triple 6 track. The advantage of this design is that each set of 6 tracks can fill an individual bottle, resulting in significantly faster output speeds, especially when running smaller counts.


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