The PharmaLift tablet elevator has been designed originally to integrate with electronic tablet and capsule counters but has proven to be equally as well suited whenever there is a need to feed solid dose product from bulk at a controlled rate to a counting or processing machine. This controlled rate can minimize and in some cases eliminate product wear and damage and will ensure the optimum amount of product is present in the host machine hopper to the required production rate.

The PharmaLift system provides the added advantage of a low level hopper for the ease of loading bulk product, with an elevated discharge. The discharge height is normally fixed but the PharmaLift can be constructed to suit virtually any standard counter or processing machine normally found in the pharmaceutical industry.

The PharmaLift incorporates a 75 Litre low level bulk product hopper with additional dust extraction and chip removal system for connection to customer supplied vacuum unit. A docking station supplied with the PharmaLift allows the elevator to be rolled and locked into the precise required position beside the host machine. The PharmaLift can then be rolled away for tear down and cleaning or it can be cleaned in place.

The PharmaLift system is normally controlled by a product level sensor which is supplied with the PharmaLift but is to be installed in the destination machine hopper. The PharmaLift will then start automatically on demand.

Contact parts are easily removed with all parts either clipped or pneumatically held in place.

Feature benefits include:

  • No tools required for strip down.
  • 75 liter hopper supplied as standard, other sizes available.
  • Dust and particle extraction systems are available.
  • Enables optimum control of product level and flow to counting and processing equipment.
  • Minimal contact parts simplify and speed changeover.
  • Controlled discharge rather than simple tip release eliminates dropped product
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