FLR 200, FLR 300 and FLR 400 Vial Filler

The FLR 200, FLR 300 and FLR 400 operate respectively at speeds up to 200, 300 or 400 bottles per minute. The fillers can handle vials ranging from 0.2mm to 10ml and up to 24.5mm in diameter.

Monoblock construction featuring a linear transport rake to move the containers from the inclined infeed tray through to the filling and stoppering stations. One of the smallest footprint machines that can handle filling and stoppering at those speeds.

Filling with seal-less design precision pumps made of 316 Stainless steel.  There are only two moving parts to clean, sterilize and set-up making it really easy. Precision needles fill without touching the inside of the container when they dive into each vial. The needles are specially designed to direct product towards the side of the vials, eliminating splash, drips, and maximizing the filling speeds.


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