PPS Inspectis – Vision System for Tablet Counters

The PPS Inspectis is a tablet inspection vision system which verifies all solids before dropping in front of count eyes acting as another level of verification reducing the risk of customer complaints and cross contamination.

The Inspectis is available with every new PPS counter and may also be retrofitted to existing counters. The system identifies broken products, products which are mis-colored and products which is clumped together. Designed and built by PPS reduces the TCO as the Inspectis integrates seamlessly with PPS tablet counters.

This inspection system is designed exclusively to inspect small objects, in particular tablets, capsules and other items which we may count on our range of counters.

The system is optimized to measure the tablet size, and analyze the colour, allowing products which are out of tolerance to be identified, tracked and rejected.

The reject system can be designed to remove either the individual tablet or the bottle which ends up with the offending piece.

The control system is a state of art PC with an industrialized vision system and a 19” LCD Monitor, and rack mounted 2U high processors.

The enclosure does not obstruct the view of the operator, allows the operator to observe the product feed, most importantly to ensure that the products are separated adequately for the vision inspection system to be able to do its job.

Our light source is constant, annoying strobes have never been used. The enclosure also allows for unobstructed access to the contact parts of the counter so the changeover time is not affected.


As the tablets pass by, images are captured. The image of each product (tablet /capsule) is tracked as the products move down the counter feed trays.

A live image of the products is displayed on the operator control panel. Good products are highlighted green, and faulty products are highlighted red. All products start out as bad, until they are confirmed good. This is part of the failsafe logic.


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