Tofflon is the world’s fastest growing Freeze Dryer manufacturer and can boast the largest freeze dryer manufacturing capacity in the world. With extensive experience in freeze drying a large range of products. We also offer lyophilization process cycle development services to help optimize operations.

Tofflon freeze dryers are built to the highest standards, with models specifically configured for pharmaceutical, biotech, and nutritional industries. Tofflon freeze dryers are available for freeze drying product in vials, or bulk in trays, with a wide range of automatic loading and unloading systems. CIP/SIP can be added when needed, with LN2 cooling systems as an option to mechanical cooling.

Tofflon freeze dryers are competitively priced, this means that you can customize our standard unit to meet your precise needs and still stay within budget. Validation packages and an ongoing maintenance contract are all available according to your requirements.

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