Rota Washers for Ampoules and Vials

Rota’s quality design and construction in vial and ampoule washers offers superior cleaning for biotech and pharmaceutical applications at an affordable price. The Rota vial and ampoule washing machines can be supplied as stand-alone or part of a complete processing line.

The rotary design of the vial washer reduces breakage. The efficient movement of vials or ampoules from one cleaning station to the next reduces cross contamination. The washers are available from laboratory models up to high speed continuous motion. All models feature 7 washing cycles where each of the vial and ampoule holders pass. Each cycle can be configured for air wash, rinse or solution rinse, with proper segregation of recycled and virgin solutions as per application requirements.

Each vial and ampoule holder is configured with 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 grippers according to the neck size and output required. Each gripper holds one vial/ampoule. Each Rotary Washer model number refers to the theoretical output in units per minute, RW50, RW100, RW180, RW240, RW300 and RW400. Changeover is fast and efficient.


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