Seed Counters

PPS Seed Counters can be used in a variety of packaging operations where packing by count instead of weight reduces product give away and ensures label claims for quantity are always met. The more expensive your product is, the quicker the payback. The Seed Counters can be used for jewellery, electronic components, medical devices and hardware.

While the counting technologies are always based on our proven I.R. LED system, the actual product feed systems can vary according to the product to be handled. and range from single feeder bowls to 48 track high speed systems. The PPS Seed Counter is the most accurate on the market today. It’s superior product handling offers an accurate count. The multi tray vibrator feed allows for fast product feed while still ensuring product separation which is required for accurate counting. The design of the sorting trays allow even flat products to be separated, a vacuum system can be incorporated to return separated product to the hopper. The Seed Counter offers maximum versatility as product feed system requires no change parts and is capable of packaging most seed forms.

Custom controls and multi-drop chutes with trap boxes that create a product feed buffer make the Seed Counter easy-to-integrate with a wide range of baggers sachet/pouch machines, cartoners and bottle packaging lines. The machine is height adjustable by means of the integrated funnel lift arrangement and the correct height setting can be recalled from memory together with all other set-up parameters. The height adjustment is controlled manually (for safety reasons) by the operator from the control panel.

Systems are configured in accordance with the products to be counted and the output rates required. We offer maximum flexibility due to the wide range of models we can offer, including the capability to supply complete engineered systems.


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