Complete Vial and Ampoule Packaging Lines

PallayPack Inc. products include turnkey vial and ampoule packaging lines manufactured in Germany by Rota to the highest pharmaceutical sterile and particle-free standards.

Suitable for aseptic products, typical lines include washing, depyrogenation, filling, stoppering/plugging, crimp and screw capping, labelling (with full label marking or inspection) and particle inspection all integrated in a compact yet flexible production system. Each of these machines are also available stand-alone or ready for integration with existing equipment.

Rota machines are highly efficient and reliable. They feature mechanical designs with servo drives which require no further adjustment after changeover. Rota machines are compact, always feature tool-less changeover and are simple to dismantle for cleaning.  They are available with laminar flow hoods and HEPA filtration, open and closed RABS guarding, isolators with glove ports and component pass-through.

Rota machines are equally well suited for ophthalmic, biotech, diagnostic, blood serums, antibiotics, lyo products and all chemical products. Production speeds range from 50-400 containers per minute.


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